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The assistant to the Greek god of dreams, Ikelos, fashioned dreams so vivid, that were believed to be true.

The Ikelos is our most advanced high-angle paddle, with our best paddling design and construction features. You’ll feel exceptionally light, buoyant strokes while the smooth back face gives a quiet entrance and exit from the water. The award winning Ikelos is the smart choice for those playing or cruising with a high-angle style of paddling and wanting the powerful feel of a full-sized blade. 

Werner Ikelos Carbon Paddle

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Shaft Option: Straight 
    Pieces: 2 Piece 
    Weight Grams: 670g. 
    Weight Ounces: 23.75oz. 
    Length Range: 200cm to 230cm in 5cm increments 
    Feather Angle: Smart-View Adjustable 
    Blade Surface Area: 691 cm2 
    Blade Length x Width: 48.5cm x 19.75cm


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