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Are We Renting?

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Double rainbow over a lake seen from a kayak

Lake Union Conditions

*Subject to Change

Beautiful paddling weather this weekend (July 20th/21st). Call ahead to reserve a kayak or SUP so you don't miss out!

If sustained winds are 10mph or greater, we may stop renting depending on what we are seeing on the lake. Paddleboard rentals are stopped first, followed by single kayaks, and finally double and triple kayaks. 

We reserve the right to stop renting if conditions on the lake are not suitable for beginners at our discretion.

If the weather looks iffy it's best to call ahead to see if we are renting.

  • Last call is 90 minutes before close.

  • We shut down rentals if it's windy (sustained winds of 12mph or more, gusts of 20mph or more). For SUPs we may stop renting if the forecast calls for sustained winds over 10mph. It's not foolproof, but if there is a small craft advisory issued for the Seattle area it is likely we won't be renting.

  • We will close for rentals if there is lightning (minimum 30 minute wait period).

  • We close for rentals for cold temps (below 40° for most of the day).

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