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NRS 1" Padded Straps are perfect for securing boats to roof racks, gear to rafts, or anything else you want to safely secure. A 12' Strap will go over your boat, around the bar, and back to you so you can cinch it without tying any knots. The 15' is good for more than one boat on stacker bars, or bigger vessels. Sold as pairs.

    • Same high-strength polypropylene webbing (1,500 pound tensile strength) and double-spring cam buckle (2,000 pound tensile load) as our world famous NRS Heavy Duty Straps.
    • Strap length is woven into the webbing and stamped on the side of the buckle for easy identification.
    • A sturdy 1" x 2-1/2" label gives you plenty of room to write your name and contact info. Helps you avoid getting your straps mixed up with your boating buddy's!

    NRS 1" HD Tie-Down Straps

    PriceFrom $12.95
    Excluding Sales Tax
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