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Desperado WW Paddle Name:
Desperado WW Paddle

River Running

Desperado CF IM | mid-size blade

  • MSRP:
    Straight Shaft $218
    (prices are in U.S. currency)

    The Desperado CF IM offers unrivaled paddle performance at a price that should be outlawed! With mid size carbon reinforced nylon blades and our premium river running blade design the Desperado CF IM is light weight, well balanced, easy to use and durable. The smart choice for entrants into whitewater who demand performance.

    • Carbon reinforced nylon blades are light, stiff and durable
    • Advanced river running design is powerful, well balanced and easy to use
    • Premium carbon blend shaft has our legendary bomber strength
    • 2-piece available for inflatable kayaks
    Surface Area 655 sq cm
    Blade Length x Width 41 x 19.5cm
    Weight for 197cm
    Straight Shaft 1021g/36oz
    Recommended Length 191-200cm
    Available Lengths:
    Straight Shaft 184-230cm


    Create a custom fitting paddle to increase your performance, reduce your fatigue and have more fun on the water. The Desperado CF IM come standard with our carbon reinforced nylon blades in our Premium carbon blend straight shaft. You choose either our Standard or Small Diameter shafts. Then use your height and boat width to determine the correct paddle length. Visit Werner's Fit Guide to customize your paddle.


    Mid-sized River Running & Creeking Blade

    • Blade design is evenly balanced so the catch is clean, immediately powerful, and smooth through out the entire stroke
    • Mid-sized blades fit the widest range of kayakers

    Recreation WW Cross Section

    • A slight dihedral offers the right combination for both smooth maneuvering strokes and a powerful forward stroke
    • High quality carbon reinforced nylon for the lightest strongest paddle available at this price

    Straight Shaft Carbon Blend

    • Premium fiberglass/carbon blend is smooth and comfortable to the touch.
    • Oval indexing offers better control.
    • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement.
    • Werner’s legendary bomber durability.

    Standard and Small Diameter Shaft

    • Two shaft sizes ensure you get a proper fit.
    • A good fit allows you to use a light grip, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort and performance.
    • Hands larger than 7” fit our Standard Shaft.
    • Hands smaller than 6.5” fit our Small Shaft
    • Hands between 6.5” and 7” - try both!

    Feather Angle
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