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Werner Camano Carbon 2-pce Name:
Werner Camano Carbon 2-pce

Low Angle

Camano Carbon | mid-size blade
(cma_no _ ) a beautiful island in Puget Sound, WA

Straight Shaft $365
Neutral Bent Shaft $440
Adj Shaft:

(prices are in U.S. currency)

The Camano carbon features our most popular award winning Low Angle mid-sized blade design. Providing the perfect combination for paddlers who want gentle power and use a relaxed all around touring stroke. The Camano carbon also offers the best balance of light swing weight, durability and performance.

  • Award winning mid-size blade design offers gentle power and a smooth easy stroke.
  • Our most popular all around touring design.
  • Smooth forward strokes make paddling all day feel effortless.
  • Best combination of light swing weight, durability and performance.
Surface Area 650 sq cm
Blade Length x Width 52 x 16cm
Weight for 220cm
Straight Shaft 716g/25.25oz
Neutral Bent Shaft 822g/29oz
Recommended Length 205-220cm
Available Lengths:
Straight Shaft 210-260cm
Neutral Bent Shaft
Adjustable Straight: 220-240, 240-260cm

Low-angle available in 10cm increments


Create a custom fit paddle to increase your performance, reduce fatigue and have more fun on the water. All Touring Performance paddles come standard with our continuous carbon weave laminate blades; our continuous carbon weave shafts are hand crafted and feature our patented Adjustable Ferrule System (US patent 6881111). You choose Straight Shaft Carbon or Neutral Bent Shaft Carbon; in either our Standard or Small Diameter shafts. Use your height and boat width to determine the correct paddle length. (


Low Angle Paddling

  • The most common paddling style using a more casual cadence.
  • The paddle is kept at a low angle relative to the water and a relaxed arching stroke is used.
  • Smooth forward stroke reduces fatigue.

Mid-sized Performance Blades

  • Mid-sized blades fit the widest range of kayakers.
  • Lighter, smooth feel on the water.
  • Carbon weave for lightest weight to strength ratio.
  • Dihedral for smooth forward strokes.

Adustable Ferrule

  • Elegant, easy to use design.
  • Low profile button looks and feels like a 1-piece paddle.
  • Internal gear system for precise fit.
  • Adjusts feather left or right in 15 degree increments.
  • You determine what feather works best for you.

Straight Shaft Carbon

  • More traditional feeling and generally less expensive.
  • The lightest weight option available.
  • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement.

Neutral Bent Shaft Carbon

  • Neutral bent shafts naturally aligns wrists to reduce fatigue
  • More hand to shaft contact for increased control
  • Immediate comfort and reduced strain with lighter grip
  • Extremely light weight with Werner durability
  • Balanced for precise control and comfort

Standard and Small Diameter Shaft

  • Two shaft sizes ensure you get a proper fit.
  • A good fit allows you to use a light grip, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort and performance.
  • Hands larger than 7 fit our Standard Shaft.
  • Hands smaller than 6.5 fit our Small Shaft
  • Hands between 6.5 and 7 - try both!

Light Swing Weight

  • Swing weight is the weight you feel each time you lift your blade during a stroke.
  • A light swing weight reduces fatigue and makes paddling more fun.

Correct Length

  • Locate the closest combination of paddler height and boat width listed.
  • Narrower boats or shorter paddlers subtract 5cm for high angle and 10cm for low angle.
  • Add length for wider boats and sit-on-tops
  • Use this chart as a starting point and contact a Werner representative for more information if needed 800.275.3311.

Length-220, 230, 240 std, others special order
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