Group Rental Rates

Kayak and SUP rentals


Group Rentals by Size
Groups of 9-15 People

We charge our standard rates which are pro-rated every 10 minutes after the first hour. A $10 per item deposit which is applied to the rental secures your kayaks and paddle boards. Deposit refundable 72 hours ahead of time.

Groups of 16 People or More
You are charged for what you reserve and require a deposit of 50% with the balance due after the rental. Fully refundable 72 hours prior and if we have to cancel due to wind (>15mph) or lightning.

We charge a flat rate for rentals up to 3 hours based on what is reserved. Before tax rates are $25 per single kayak, $35 per double $45 per triple and Stand up paddle boards are $27. Typically we can adjust day of if you want to change some single kayaks to doubles or vice versa.

Weekends and Holidays:,
Rentals less than 2.5hours are charged before tax $36 per single kayak, $50 per double, $60 per triple and $40 per stand up paddle board. During the busy season mid-May through early September we have the rental start on the half hour and no later than 11:30am. We charge for what is reserved with 50% down and the balance due after the rental. Typically we will not be able to make many adjustments day of.

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