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  Learn a bit about kayaking while you enjoy a great escape. Here is something about paddlig to a pristine place that refreshes the spirit and brightens the outlook. The pace of these trips is relaxing and informal, with plenty of free time for hiking, beachcoming or lounging. You will be supplied with an equipment list and itinerary upon receipt of deposit.

San Juan Orca Whale Search back to the top

Viewing orcas in the wild, with their grace, curiosity, and reputation, is one of the most impressive things a kayaker is ever likely to see. And from the seat of a kayak, there's no question about who's boss! Approximately 94 resident orcas call these waters home, and at the beginning of summer they tend to congregate in Haro Strait, between Vancouver and San Juan Islands, pursuing the first run of salmon returning from the sea. Using stable and comfortable double kayaks, we'll spend three days searching for whales in the waters around San Juan Island, returning to our base camp each night for a deluxe NWOC meal and a surprise from the Dutch oven. And there's more to see than whales: Bald eagles, harbor seals, sea lions, Dahl porpoise, all kinds of marine birds, and the occasional wild turkey rounds out the list of animals we're likely to encounter. We'll make the meals and do all the driving on the island, all you have to do is walk on the ferry at Anacortes. You provide: your camping and eating utensils, and alcoholic beverages. We supply all the meals.

COST: $325.00

This trip will not be run this year

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