Kayak Rentals on Lake Union Seattle
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Sea Kayking Seattle Arboretum

Our Christmas Caroling by Kayak is full for this year, give us a call next October to signup for 2018! (Back)
(Song Sheet)
Every December, NWOC, with the generous help of the Lake Union Houseboat Community, organizes Caroling by Kayak tours to benefit the Seattle Children's Home and the Homestead Community Land Trust.
We take 30 people per session, usually stopping at houseboat parties, where we spend twenty minutes or so (seated in our kayaks) singing some of everyone's old favorite carols. Don't worry, you don't need to be a good singer, just game! Carolers pay $40 a head
for this unique experience, all of which goes to the above charities. NWOC provides kayaks, gear, instructor/escorts, and basically everything else including song sheets but excluding voice lessons.
No special gear is required to enjoy the trip, but it is important to dress for the weather.
Paddling in December can range from the high 30’s to 60°, dry to drizzly to downright rainy.

Please refer to the following clothing and optional items list to prepare for a comfortable trip.
-Polypro or synthetic pile underwear, top and bottom, nylon shorts, and/or rain pants
-Wool or polypro sweater
-Wool or synthetic socks
-Wool or synthetic hat, rain hat
-Neoprene booties, sports sandals, old sneakers
-Gloves, ski gloves or poagies
-Rain and windproof jacket
-Water bottle
-Camera in positively waterproof bag or box, not just a dry bag
-Sleigh Bells
-Good flashlight (headlamp is highly preferable)
-Battery operated lights or decorations, antlers, etc. (optional - but the more lights the better)

Note on weather: High wind or lightning are generally the only reasons we would cancel a trip.
Please be sure we have a phone number where we can reach you as late as the day of the trip,
or call in right before you head down here if the weather is iffy.

Northwest Outdoor Center 2100 Westlake Ave N Ste 1- Seattle, Wa 98109 1-800-683-0637 - 206-281-9694