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North Water Sea Tow Lines Name:
North Water Sea Tow Lines

#324289-Regulation Micro Tow®
Compact, fast, easy to use and priced to match. Same bag style as our award winning Sea Tec Tow Line but half the size. This waist worn tow system accommodates a pre-set but adjustable short or long tow. Two wide gate stainless steel keyhole-eye carabiners are anchored to the outside of the pouch on either side for immediate access. Unclip one biner for a short tow then unclip the other for a long tow. If you need to tow two boats it is already set up. With 55’ of 5/32” line it meets Canadian Coast Guard Regulations as a buoyant heaving line. Once again we have set a new standard for waist worn tow systems.
Size: 8 ˝” X 3 ˝” X 2 ˝”

#7719-Sea Tec Towline For long or short tows, this compact line unrolls to expose a gaping mouth (easy to restuff). 30' of 1'4" floating polypro line with built-in shock cord, quick-release belt buckle, float and biner for attaching to towed boat, with the option to tuck the belt into an exterior pocket and turn the whole system into a deck mounted tow system.
. L 12" x H 4" x W 3"

#8504-Quick Tow
Designed for guides and instructors who don't need to deal with ocean swells. The bag's oversized mouth and low profile tapered shape allows for quick storage of the 25' X1/4" polypro floating line. It is adjustable to any length, has built-in shock dampening, is ambidextrous, and has floatation on a 1/2" belt with quick release.
L 9", Openinig diameter 13"

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